Claudia Heinicke - The lost view

Exhibition period: 9th April - 26th June 2022


In her conceptual, non-representational paintings and graphics, often reduced to color, line and rhythm, Greifswald artist Claudia Heinicke explores memories and impressions of the (urban) landscape. Like Caspar David Friedrich, she is inspired by the wide skies of the region and inscribes the natural and cultural landscape surrounding her into her paintings.


The exhibition will be on view in the rooms of the Caspar David Friedrich Center from 9th April to 26th June 2022. Every Wednesday from 14-14:30 pm there is a short guided tour with the director of the center, Caroline Barth. Advance booking (even at short notice) is requested.


Duration: approx. 30 min.


Cost: Admission plus 3 euros tour fee.


*For students of the CDFI Greifswald and members of the Caspar-David-Friedrich-society the event is free of charge.

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