Veronika Pfaffinger. Earthly Matters


Exhibition period: 09 October – 23 December 2021
Exhibition opening: 09 October | 14:00 pm | Free entrance! The artist will be present.


Veronika Pfaffinger, student at the HfbK Dresden, is the 20th winner of the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Award in 2021. Imaginative concepts and realizations as well as a sustained engagement with nature are distinguishing features of the artist, who captures her mostly temporary sculptures photographically or on film. The viewer encounters works that are perfect in terms of craftsmanship and aesthetically pleasing, which not only provoke thought, but also surprise with their wit and sometimes unusual materials. In her working method of placing elements of nature in a new, partly artificial context and thus generating new kinds of landscapes, Veronika Pfaffinger stands in the tradition of Caspar David Friedrich.