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20 January – 17 March

Pommersches Landesmuseum and

Exhibition opening:
20 January, 2 pm, Pommersches Landesmuseum
20 January, 3 pm, Caspar-David-Friedrich-Zentrum



© Uta Eckelt, 2017


In June 2017, 16 students at the Caspar David Friedrich Institute, University of Greifswald and their teacher traveled from Greifswald to Szczecin.
Despite the short distance, most of them had not been to the West Pommeranian metropole before. So upon arrival, they had to cope with the new environment by means of photography and video art. In preparation for the trip, they had attended lectures by Polish and German historians and artists and also had taken a guided tour of the regional history department of the Pommeranian State Museum.

The works now on show demonstrate the diversity of perception of one and the same city. From documentary works to subjective interpretations, the analyses of the urban space testify to the variety of perspectives on the part of the travelers.

Although the pictures show Szczecin, the questions raised are of a more general nature. One major subject is urban planning and its implications. What can the city offer in terms of quality of living and appropriation?

In two places in Greifswald - the Pommeranian State Museum and the Caspar David Friedrich Centre - the exhibition TAKE ME TO THE PLACE brings the project's pieces together to form a new whole.